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Description: I’m in a cute white diaper and I’m for you to come over and play with me. I beg you to come to my house as soon as possible as I describe and demonstrate all the naughty things I will do with and to you. I wet myself visibly out of excitement and then lead you into my nursery, where I climb into my giant crib and talk about how much fun I’m going to have putting you into diapers and how much I wanna sit my perfect diaper butt on your face… you can’t even resist! Did you even know you’d be able to get topped so easily by a cute diaper girl? It’s not long before I feel the urge to use my diaper, and get it messy loudly and visibly in front of you. Now I’m going to be in such a stinky full diaper when you get over here!! I know you are going to love it so much, you dirty little diaper boy!
But, I do realize you might need some comforting too - did you know I can also switch and be in charge? It seems like no matter what, I get to be on top!!! I help you feel better about being so naughty, and remind you it’s okay to get excited in your diapers. I show you how to rub and play, while reminding you how StepMommy is absolutely still in a huge full diaper. I know you love to see it so much so I play with my dirty diaper and instruct you to do the same until we both orgasm… we can have all of this, you just need to get over to my house asap!!
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